How To Take Lavender Cuttings


Lavender is one of my favorite herbs to have at hand, and fortunately it grows easily in my area. I use lavender for a variety of projects around my home. I love taking fresh lavender baths. I simply throw fresh lavender buds right into the bath wth me, but if you want to avoid having to clean up afterwards (I wait until the next morning!), you can use a teabag to hold the flowers instead.

When I have a headache, or am just feeling stressed, I also stuff my eye pillow with some fresh lavender to help me relax.

You can even cook with lavender. I frequently make my own lavender sugar by putting a cup of sugar in the blender along with a couple of tablespoons of dried lavender buds. When you blend these together, you will end up with sugar that has a light purple tint to it and smells wonderful. It’s great to use in lemonade, cookies or even hot tea.

If you love lavender as well, you should definitely learn how to take cuttings from your favorite variety. Soon you will have more lavender than you know what to do with, and fortunately a lavender plant makes a wonderful gift to give as well.

To learn how to easily take lavender cuttings, I recommend you take a look at this article at You can read the full post, complete with photos, here:

How To Take Lavender Cuttings


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