Green Cleaning Stainless Steel Naturally

Recently I was talking with Michelle the owner of Kitsap Clean, easily the best house cleaning company on Bainbridge Island, about how to clean the stainless steel on my refrigerator. I appreciate that her company only uses natural products to clean with, and was surprised when she suggested I use coconut oil to clean my fridge. Oil? On a fridge? To clean it?

Yes, she said and demonstrated how it works. You don’t just spread a layer of coconut oil on the refrigerator and leave it. Instead, you need to clean the refrigerator door first using whatever product you normally use. Then, spread a light coating of coconut (or olive, if your prefer) oil over the door and rub in it. And then, rub or “buff” it off with a dry cloth.

The results? No more finger prints on my refrigerator! Amazing!

All this talk with Michelle made me realize that I need to read more books on natural cleaning. I’d love to compile some recipes into my next book as well. There are so many great natural cleaning recipes out there. I think I’m going to do some research on this issue. If you, my readers, have any recipes to share please let me know!

A refrigerator that smells like coconuts! Heaven!

Until then, I’ll be enjoying my CLEAN refrigerator, that smells a little like coconuts. Green cleaning can be effective – and it sure smells great too. Thanks again Michelle for the great tips. I look forward to seeing what I can learn in the future in the field of green cleaning recipes.

And if you looking for a great house cleaner in the Kitsap county area, you might want to check out her company as well at They do amazing work! I’ve left a review of them on Yelp and Facebook, and if you want to learn more, you can read my reviews.

Happy New Year Readers!

I look forward to providing you all with some updates in the near future about upcoming publications.


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